Pedram Fanian
Pedram Fanian, Strategic Planning, PR, Business Director.
Jairo Rubio
Jairo Rubio, Legal, Compliance and Due Diligence.
Alexander Von Loebell
Alexander Von Loebell, Trade, Export Marketing, Agriculture.
Mauricio Baena
Mauricio Baena, Business Development, Standards, Construction Management.

What if you could take the best and brightest group of people, each having a solid record of achievements, and swiftly weave their expertise into the fabric of one super organization? This was the vision of Pedram Fanian, the founding director of COESCO, who sought to build a boutique consultancy with people he already knew and trusted. The result is a camaraderie of people who compliment each other and know their stuff. And for you, our potencial client, there is no better feeling than knowing your concerns and objectives are being looked at by competent, filtered people who work well together.

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Pedram FanianPedram FanianPedram FanianPedram Fanian
Alexander Von LoebellAlexander Von LoebellJairo RubioJairo Rubio
Mauricio BaenaJairo Rubio