About Us

COESCO (Colombia Establish Consulting) serves international companies and organizations with a presence in Colombia or with an interest to set up a new business venture in Colombia. Our tailored solutions are meant to facilitate our client’s potential to reap opportunities and rewards by negotiating the potentially rugged terrain of Colombian commercial transactions, regulatory regime, and social norms. Our client’s needs include expertise in areas such as market research, relocation services, legal counsel, targeted government relations, and PR. We offer a fantastic depth of insight combined with unmatched accessibility making COESCO a refreshingly different kind of consultancy for those who choose to solicit our services.

In an effort to adjust to an always changing international business climate, we continually seek new, better ways to serve our clients, and aim to anticipate future trends and opportunities. This is why at COESCO, we also serve Colombian founded companies export their services and products on the world market. Our export marketing capabilities will prepare Colombian firms find solutions to their marketing, logistics and communications strategies in order to successfully present themselves and their portfolio in mature and sophisticated markets. Our international outlook will deliver practical and enduring results.