When executives from China’s Huzhou Yongjiu Electric Wires were faced with the task of finding a suitable location for a production plant and distribution network, COESCO determined that their production facility will primarily serve export markets and therefore recommended a location on Colombia’s northern coastal region with good access to ports.  For the company’s local distribution needs, COESCO determined that a third party logistics and warehousing service provider inland could handle all sales delivery inside Colombia.

A Canadian construction firm, Jag Contracting, came to us looking for help to set up an operation in Colombia with the aim of performing government projects. COESCO soon determined that the internal culture of government bureaucracy would be an obstacle to a foreign construction firm seeking to win new government contracts on its own. Instead, we recommended and managed a strategic local partnership where the Canadians would participate along with an established local firm in bidding for projects . It was a win-win situation and saved the Canadians money and resources, not to mention the discouraging impact of wasted time.

Autoliv, a Swedish auto parts maker, faced challenges in quickly processing orders and shipping its products to dealers in Colombia. The situation was causing concern in a market where speed and response times are crucial. COESCO came up with the solution: maintaining inventory inside Colombia, warehoused at order fulfilment facilites with good trucking networks, where orders can be placed on-line with no need to clear customs. Now dealers can receive their parts within 24-48 hours with no hassles.

When an US based mining firm (company name has been withheld to respect a confidentiality agreement) faced security issues as well as failed exploration ventures, COESCO managed to resolve their outstanding legal issues, reach a settlement with the national tax authorities on their behalf, and sourced for them a reliable security and intelligence service provider. Result: making a difficult and stressful situation manageable.

Coesco – Colombia Establish Consulting Impact Cases